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The Apparent Truth

By Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood

Lull of the senses
Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell
A deviation
Obstructs, obliterates vibration.
A sleight of hand
So deftly played
Desperate delay
And so say all of us
To the tune
Of the apparent truth

Movement of deepening
Expanding so, vibration becomes known.
The forever presence of the all and all.
Not to be sought, owned
Nor for reward.
But you will make your play
You will have your say
Spin and reduce
Re -present
That’s how you produce
The apparent truth

Shattering your normal
your accumulated stories
And your versions of the truth
you lie you dilute
Truth is absolute.
The yes today the yes always
Which came before
forever more…….
Be here and now in every form
As his resounding symphony


No more apparent truth
We’re done.

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