Bringing Sexy Back

There’s not a shelf that I’m comfortable to sit on

Can’t put me in a box that you can tick.

No more toughen up these walls are coming down

I’m showing up my feet are on the ground

And when you look in my eyes you’ll see heaven smiling back.


Got a body feel me moving we’re not holding back

Feel the volume sayin’ yes I’m hot and that’s a fact

Feel the fire it’s the fullness that’s inside of you

Bring it into every little thing you do.


We’re bringing sexy back

We’re bringing sexy back


We walk and talk to the rhythm of our own beat

Vulnerability is now so sweet

We don’t dramatise or manipulate

Done with games we play it straight

And when you look in our eyes

You’ll see you.


We’re rockin’ boats, we’re rattling cages

And we’re setting fires

It’s the sweetest revolution and its so divine

Be the power be the woman that you know you are

In this galaxy of love you are a star


We’re bringing sexy back

We’re bringing sexy back


Not about what you wear, your hair

Not a mother not a role you gotta be

It’s not your age, your size, it’s in your eyes

Not your daughter, not your sister

Don’t wanna be

Not your baby girl, not just a lover.

Not a role you gotta be

© 2017 Sounds of Soul, Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood