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So Lovely

I’m watching as you move through space

you got purpose you got grace.

Let your body lead do the talking

time doesn’t steal your show.

Your’re not going up, going down, running round

no one to please here

Walking  truth

look at you  - you’re the proof

honey that’s your way.


So lovely you are the sun that shines

So beauty full as you are

You bring the light of the universe

So precious you are love divine


I’m watching as you walk as you talk

as you move as you feel your way.

Steady as she goes trusting what you know

with the flow….. you don’t sway.

There’s no picture, no get it right, no gotta fight

rules don’t define you.

Listen to your heart loving every part of you

honey that’s your way


Love in your eyes

Sassy swing in your hips

So lovely – yes you’re all this

You’re all this.

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