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Ode to Purple (Bustin' Out)

We got ourselves a mess here

Since the dawn of time

Brother against brother

Holy books, learned thinking to justify.

Just looked away for a minute

Dazed and confused

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s in there

Who’s that staring at you

Internal friction where it don’t belong

There’s been seduction by the sirens songs

Covered our hearts, blinded our eyes

Walking this earth in a freaky disguise.


ooh ooh

We’re Bustin Out

Ooh yeah We’re all bustin out

ooh ooh

We’re Bustin Out

oh baby come on bust it out



We’re waking from the big sleep

 Blinking in the light

 your politics your religions

 Prescription for our values supplied

 Speak up, Get up

 Go to work

 System fears you’re Captain Kirk

 Invested in you checkin’ out

Cashing in on your self doubt

House is empty and there’s no one there

Goldilocks is gonna steal your chair

They’ll huff and puff and blow you down

Feed you candy

Till you make no sound


Burn the rule book

Don’t play nice

Expression is your living right

Turn the volume up to 10

Get uncomfortable.


Amplify your life……

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